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The most economical and affordable pole is right here at your fingertips! Light weight, 28” fiberglass praise dance flag pole with Velcro (4 pieces, not attached to the shaft). The simple design of this dance flag pole will allow you to maneuver flags swiftly and effortlessly. Do you have a flag that is a little bigger than most? As long as it’s less than 28” in length, you can place the included Velcro any where on the pole so that your flag fits perfectly. The lightness of this pole also makes it easy for travel. This style pole is great for beginners or seasoned flaggers. *Recommended to be used by individuals that are at least 4 feet tall (48 inches).

Are you a seasoned flag and banner minister? Try using two at a time and share them with us on our social media!

13PR - Eurotard 28” Fiberglass Flag Pole/Rod

Color: White
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